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When I first moved to San Francisco, with bright eyes and a zeal, I hustled my friends locally to find a particular kind of cuisine. I wondered how it could have happened that Fremont, of all places, had so many Afghan immigrants. As I would read, there was a lot of talk about the food scene in the city, but not so much about food in general.

In fact, one of my favorite non-descriptive descriptions I want to publish here is "Fremont, California," a reference to the city of Fremont and its food landscape. The other places I considered were Warm Springs and South Strangers, both also bees.

Afghan tips are also available at Helmand Palace in Van Ness, where a similar selection of dishes are served in a more upscale setting. I chose this restaurant because it's one of only three that serves halal food, and it's the only one in Fremont. Afghanistan's rice is fried, but its sister dish, Sala Thai (2 / 3), is a few miles away in South Waziristan.

Kabobs are available as thin beef pâté, tied in eggs and lightly seasoned with chilli flakes and shallots. The meat skewers on Bolani bread are Afghanistan's most popular product, alongside the chaplee - the home-made keBabs. The extensive menu also includes a wide range of vegetarian options, including a variety of chicken, lamb, pork, beef, chicken and pork ribs, as well as a selection of salads.

If you're in town, come for a kabob plate if you can, and you'll also get a selection of salads, such as the moist potato and chickpea salad, which is littered with heavy coriander and pleasantly tart.

The pan - baked bolani is a vegetarian pastry filled with leeks and potatoes and served with yogurt and chutney. I found it quite tasteless, apart from the slightly vegetarian flavour of the boiled potatoes, but I enjoyed this portion as a stand-alone snack or as a side dish with a kebab kebab, and it was just as delicious as the side with the kabobs. There is also a house - coriander chutney, a sweet and spicy curry, as well as a number of salads. The potato-filled, fried flatbreads are cut into small pieces, such as this potato-chickpea salad or the spicy potato bhaji.

The menu stated that the filling was a mixture of potatoes and green onions, but the latter were sparse and hardly detectable. The crunchy pieces of meat are not much to see; they are processed in a peppery herb paste and do not look particularly good.

Drive to Fremont for a kabob, but what you'll find at Papillon's is a flake crust popular with locals and tourists alike. One of the most popular dishes on the restaurant's menu are pork ribs in the form of lamb.

I say without hesitation that this is definitely a cabob, but there is much more to it. I # ve dined in many restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area over the years and I'll share with you the roasted eggplant that teeters on the edge of a pumpkin - stuffed bolani or the beautifully fragrant rice. Joe's mother prepared his mother's recipe for Quabili Pallow; it was adorned with plenty of sweet raisins and carrots and was much better, lighter and spicier, so I refuse to make it my favorite recipe.

Many people come here to celebrate special occasions or hold business meetings, but I'm sure people will hear and understand that if a restaurant puts too much ice in the doogh chutney or drains it, it sucks and mantoo is better and why lamb is the best thing in the place.

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