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San Jose has many attractions that you can visit quickly, and with SJC Car Rental on Budget you have the opportunity to explore many of San Jose's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Experience the beauty and variety of San Jose from the seat of a reliable rental car. Rent a car or leave your minivan (passenger car) with SJC Car Rental on Budget for a one-way trip to the Golden Gate Bridge or San Francisco Bay Bridge. You can also rent a minivan, car or even a full-size van if you plan to leave with your car and rent another car for an overnight stay in one of the many hotels in the city.

Drive through town in a full-size car with SJC Car Rental on Budget and get an easy ride to the Golden Gate Bridge or San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Use the form at the top of the page to book a full size car with SJC Car Rental on Budget or choose one of our Economy models if you just need something to get around. Visit a store, grab something to eat nearby, leave yourself something to eat at a nearby hotel or just leave your car and return it to your hotel or hotel in St. Louis for a quick night's sleep. It is easy to rent a car on budget, and it is also cheap - just take the car to the STS and borrow it.

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More About Fremont