Authorities release names of 4 killed in crash near Fremont

Published 02-04-2019

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FREMONT, Neb. (AP) - Authorities have released the names of a woman and her three sons who were killed in a three-vehicle crash just west of Fremont in eastern Nebraska.

They were identified as 32-year-old Maria Menjivar and her 10-year-old son Julian, 8-year-old Adrian and 7-year-old Angel. The four lived in Schuyler.

The three-vehicle crash happened Saturday evening in heavy fog just west of Fremont on U.S. Highway 30. Authorities say a pickup truck struck from behind a car that was stopped and waiting to turn. The pickup then veered into oncoming traffic and stuck a sedan that Menjivar was driving.

The drivers and occupants of the other two vehicles are expected to survive their injuries.

The collision is being investigated.

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